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Digital Marketing

This Course includes

  • 23.5 Hr Video lectures
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Personal Mentorship
  • Course By Jatin Bindal


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Digital Marketing

Learn from Serial Entrepreneur who grew 2 ventures to 15 Mn+ Monthly Traffic - Step by Step Process for Digital Success
Course By:

Jatin Bindal


Course By:

Jatin Bindal

About this course

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This course is an ideal course for someone running his own business or someone who is responsible for digital marketing at a company. The whole digital marketing arena is really confusing and has a goldmine of opportunities at the same time. You can either spend months into understanding the small nuances and waste Thousands of dollars and your precious time or you can take this course and see those nuances in minutes.

What Makes me Qualified to Take this Course

I started my first business Five Years back and struggled for first 8-9 months but then things started falling in place with me getting the hang of SEO. I started doing Million Dollar+ Yearly sales and raised money at a strong valuation.

Then I started my second business based on Social Media and had to learn Social Media Marketing for the same. Again I struggles for a year and then started getting results. I grew that business to 15 Mn+ Monthly visitors solely through Facebook Traffic.

My third business is a Digital Marketing Agency where I am working with some of the largest brands in India and generating some great results for them.

What I have realized is that the concepts are simple and there are a few nuances which took me years to understand. Any newbie can save years of struggle if I share this information with them.

I, thus, started teaching as a Guest Faculty at top MBA colleges in India and students just loved the practical on-the-ground lectures based on my real life case studies.

What will you learn from this course?

I have based this course on the key learnings that I have had over last 5 years. Most of these learnings are counter-intuitive and would take years to understand. I will take you through a step by step process to drive traffic to your website through Search and Social Media. By the end of this course, you would learn the art of mastering SEO, Social Media Marketing, Adwords, Social Media Ads and other digital channels.

You would be able to drive strong traffic (Million+ visits) to your website based on your learning.

Personalized Feedback and Queries Resolution

I would be there to help you grow your business and will answer your questions. My consulting charges are USD 100 per hour but this would be free of cost if you buy this course. Great value for your money.

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✔17section ✔ 101lectures ✔ 23h 28m total length

Introduction to Digital Marketing Course

  • 1. Introduction to Digital Marketing Course
  • 2. Digital Marketing Overview, Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
  • 3. Digital Marketing Process & Visibility
  • 4. Bringing Targeted Traffic

Digital Marketing Module 2: Email Marketing

  • 5. Introduction and Signup in Getresponse
  • 6. Creating and publishing Normal website form
  • 7. Creating and publishing Pop-ups on our Website
  • 8. How to Increase Open Rates of Emails
  • 9. How to increase click rates of emails
  • 10. Change email id, hide contact address, new subscibers notification
  • 11. Make all Forms as Single Opt-in
  • 12. How to create Newsletter-1
  • 13. How to create Newsletter-2
  • 14. How to create Autoresponder

Digital Marketing Module 3: Lead Generation through Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • 15. How to Design Landing Pages
  • 16. Design Landing Page using Instapage
  • 17. A\B Testing and publishing landing page

Digital Marketing Module 4: Google Adwords (Search Engine Marketing)

  • 18. Adwords Overview
  • 19. Adwords Search Campaign Setup and Analysis
  • 20. Adwords Ad Extension
  • 21. Optimize the Search engine campaign
  • 22. Display Campaign
  • 23. Remarketing

Digital Marketing Module 5: Google Analytics

  • 24. Google Analytics Overview
  • 25. Off Site Analytics
  • 26. Setup Google Analytics
  • 27. Link Google Analytics with Google Adwords, Google Website,etc
  • 28. Audience Analysis
  • 29. Google Analytics Acquisition
  • 30. Google Analytics Behaviour
  • 31. Google Analytics Conversion

Digital Marketing Module 6: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • 32. Search Engine Working
  • 33. SEO Introduction
  • 34. Keyword research-- parameters
  • 35. Get Keyword Idea list from Google Adwords
  • 36. Shortlist Keywords on basis of Relevance, Monthly searches
  • 37. Finding parameters Google trends & Monetary Value
  • 38. Sort keyword on basis of 5 parameters
  • 39. Final Selection of keywords
  • 40. On page Introduction
  • 41. On page HTML Tags
  • 42. On page Meta Tag-Part 1
  • 43. On page Meta Tag-Part 2
  • 44. On page SchemaTag
  • 45. On page Content
  • 46. On page Keyword Placement
  • 47. On page Text Formats
  • 48. On page Image SEO
  • 49. On page Links
  • 50. On page social media tags
  • 51. On page site accessibilty
  • 52. Local SEO

Digital Marketing Module 8: Facebook Marketing

  • 54. Introduction and setup of facebook page
  • 55. Tips to create engaging post
  • 56. How to Enagage Facebook fans
  • 57. Advertise on Facebook or Facebook Ads

Digital Marketing Module 9: Linkedin Marketing

  • 58. Overview, Profile building and Pulse posting
  • 59. Linkedin Groups
  • 60. Company Pages Building and Strategy
  • 61. LinkedIn Ads Details
  • 62. LinkedIn Ads Creation Practically

Digital Marketing Module 10: Twitter Marketing

  • 63. Twitter Overview and Working
  • 64. Tweetdeck

Digital Marketing Module 11: Youtube Marketing & Making money from youtube ads

  • 65. Youtube Channel Creation and Customization
  • 66. Making Video using powtoon and Video titan Maker
  • 67. Youtube Video SEO
  • 68. Video or Youtube Campaign on Adwords

Digital Marketing Module 15: Mobile Marketing

  • 72. Mobile Marketing Overview , Mobile vs app
  • 73. Building Mobile App using COMO
  • 74. Buy Mobile App and Publishing it on iOs and Google Play Store
  • 75. Mobile Advertising using adwords
  • 76. SMS Marketing

Digital Marketing Module 16: Website Planning & Creation using Wordpress

  • 77. Introduction
  • 78. Types of Website
  • 79. Website terminology and buying domain name
  • 80. Buying a hosting
  • 81. Change Nameserver in domain panel
  • 82. Wordpress Installation
  • 83. Create domain email accounts
  • 84. Wordpress introduction themes
  • 85. How to create pages and post in wordpress
  • 86. Categories vs tags
  • 87. How to create Menus in Wordpress
  • 88. Free theme customization part 1
  • 89. Free theme customization part 2
  • 90. Free theme customization part 3
  • 91. Overview , Analysis, Installation & use of Plugins
  • 92. Content Development
  • 93. Payment gateway and website security
  • 94. Website Planning

Overview , Analysis, Installation & use of Plugins

  • 95. Types of Website
  • 96. Install Wordpress
  • 97. Wordpress Theme Selection
  • 98. Customize Wordpress Theme
  • 99. Using Plugins In Wordpress
  • 100. Menu Creation
  • 101. Wordpress complete customization


  • ✔ Drive Free Traffic through SEO and Social Media

  • ✔ How to market on all major social media platforms

  • ✔ Do Experiments on various Paid Channels to find the ROI positive ads and then scale them

  • ✔ Grow the Traffic to your website to Million+ Monthly Visits in 6 Months

  • ✔ Create Communities on Social Media Channels

  • ✔ Presenting your product in the best way

Best Content:

You will get best quality content in this course. After getting through this course your fundamentals concepts will be super clear.


All the video in this course are made by experts. All videos are easy to understand and conceptual.

Doubt Solving Sessions:

If you have any difficulty regarding this course you can contact TUTEDUDE anytime and we will be more than happy to help you through your journey.

Who is this course for

  1. ✔ Anyone who is running his/her own business

  2. ✔ Anyone who is responsible for Digital Marketing at her company

  3. ✔ Anyone who is looking to start her Digital Marketing Career

  4. ✔ Someone who gets thrills by seeing growth in Real Time GA traffic on a day to day basis